9 Elephants die in freak electrocution accident – Africa Geographic

In a tragic accident, 9 elephants have died in a freak accident after being electrocuted by power lines near Sua Pan and a village called Dukwi in Botswana.

Source: 9 Elephants die in freak electrocution accident – Africa Geographic


Meet the Yorkshire family who taught Poldark how to ride – Yorkshire Post

A former dairy farm in East Yorkshire is home to a stable of television talent that regularly shares the small screen with stars including Aidan Turner, Jenna Coleman and Cillian Murphy. The equine stars of TV blockbusters Poldark, Victoria and Peaky Blinders are part of the team at Atkinson Action Horses based on the family farm in Goole.

Source: Meet the Yorkshire family who taught Poldark how to ride – Yorkshire Post

Aidan Turner and Andrea Bocelli on Horses

Aidan Turner on horseback

Aidan Turner

When you’re riding you loosen up and just go with the horse, not against it. — Aidan Turner

Andrea Bocelli on horse

Andrea Bocelli

l cavallo è strumento di libertà, è il compagno ideale per un contatto diretto e genuino con la natura. (The horse is an instrument of freedom, is the ideal companion for direct and genuine contact with nature.) – Andrea Bocelli


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Elderly pooches find ‘forever’ homes with retirees

When Mike and Joan Gourley adopted an old cattle dog with cancer, they didn’t know how much longer they or their new family member would have, but they’re planning on spending retirement together.

Source: Elderly pooches find ‘forever’ homes with retirees